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Two Against a Whole Army is Not “Safety First”

Two against a whole army is not “safety first!”

Jonathon saw there was a need to fight against the Philistines. No one else wanted to do anything. They wanted to stay hidden, but Jonathon had a big dream that God could use him! He took his armor bearer with him and went to face a garrison of the Philistines. He wanted to see God work in his life. He put his own life at risk to step out and see God work in and through him. He was not thinking of his safety first, he was thinking and dreaming that God could use him! He even said God can save by many or by just and few and he wanted to be one of the few! They climbed up the hill, God showed that he was with them and they received the victory! As they won the small battle, Israel was able to see an even bigger victory because of the bravery and boldness of Jonathan. May we, like Jonathan, dream about how God can use us. But instead of just dreaming, why not step out in faith and let God not only dream for you, but see your dreams of being used of him become a reality? You can only do that by forgetting “safety first” and not sitting on the sidelines like the king and rest of Israel did. Be like Jonathan, and step out in faith and see God use you in ways you could never imagine!

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