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One of the crazy ones Part 2

One of the crazy ones Part 2

II Corinthians 5:13 For whether we be beside ourselves, it is to God: or whether we be sober, it is for your cause

Last week, we talked about the Think Differently (Crazy Ones) speech. This week, let’s look at the Bible and what it says. The phrase we be beside ourselves, literally means to be crazy. As we look over the next several weeks at this passage, we will break it down even further for you, but this week le’ts look at this verse. This verse is saying that we are the crazy ones for the sake of God. This whole passage is talking about living and serving God. Doing all we can to persuade men. We as Christians should be considered crazy to the world. You see, what we do looks crazy to those who do not have Christ. We lay aside our dreams and desires and live for Christ. We go and tell others what Christ did for them. We are beside ourselves in the eyes of the world, but the truth is we are not really crazy, we are just living for Christ. But sadly, many Christians do not differentiate themselves from the world. The world does not see them as one of the crazy ones because they act and look exactly like the world! That should not be the case. The truth is, we should be considered the crazy ones to the world because we live for our God. We take the gospel and Great Commission seriously! So will you journey with me and be one of the crazy ones? You see, I am one of the crazy ones and if you are a Christian you should be too!

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