One of the Crazy Ones because We Seek God and His Kingdom First!

One of the crazy ones because We Seek God and His Kingdom First!

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you

Today the world, and even Christians, live to build themselves their own and biggest kingdoms. They want to build for themselves and have for themselves. But the crazy thing is, as Christians, we are not to build a kingdom here on earth. Actually, we are called not to build our own kingdom, but we are to build God’s kingdom! Are you living to build your own kingdom and your own name? If you are, that is not how we as Christians are to live! God is asking us to put Him first and to build His kingdom! We build His kingdom by going and sharing the gospel around the world. We build His kingdom by putting Him first instead of things or others. What is first in your life? If there is something other than God there, then that thing or person has become and idol and you must put God first in your life! With seeking God and His kingdom though, comes a promise. He promises to add “these things” to you. Now these things aren’t riches, wealth and fame, these things are actually food, water and clothing. God promises to take care of the necessities of life if you put Him first and build His kingdom. What has taken first place in your life? Will you give your life to seek God and His kingdom first? Is God first in your giving? Is God first in your recreation? Is God first in your family? Is God first in your job? Put God first and God will take care of your necessities! If we as Christians would seek God first, we would then be willing to build His kingdom and not our own! Will you put God first and then give your life to building God and His kingdom?

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