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One of the Crazy Ones Because Some Have Compassion

One of the Crazy Ones Because Some Have Compassion

Jude 1:22-23And of some have compassion, making a difference: and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh

Some have compassion willing to do all they can to make a difference in this world. Others do all they can to pull people from the fire, to pull people from hell. As one of the crazy ones, we should have both compassion and be willing to pull people from hell no matter the cost or danger! First, having compassion will move you to love people even when they are unlovable. If you have compassion, you will see the multitudes as Jesus did and be moved with compassion to do something. That compassion should move you not to feed or clothe them, but rather, should move you to share with them the love of Christ! If you have compassion, that love will move you to do things the world would think are crazy. It would move you to go to places where others would never go and tell people who would never hear the gospel.

But also, we should despise sin and the pain sin causes so much that we are willing to go after people and pull them from hell, to keep them from dying and going to hell. This would seem crazy to people because you are going to people and places that most would never dream of going to. Why? Because you not only love the people, but you don’t want their sin to take them to hell! You will risk life and limb to keep from going to hell. Will you give your live to show compassion to a lost and dying world? Allow that compassion to move you to pull people from going to hell, to stand in their way and plead with them the gospel message so if they do go to hell, they went with you doing all you could to reach them with the gospel? 

To help see the world reached with the gospel in this generation, check out the Center for World Evangelism!