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God Used a Man with Every Excuse! Part 1

God Used a Man with Every Excuse! Part 1

Moses was born into slavery in Egypt. His parents hid him for a short time and then by faith put him in a basket down the Nile River. He was discovered by the daughter of Pharaoh who then raised Moses as her own son. As he got older, he knew he was an Israelite and his people were in slavery. Instead of seeking God, he decided to do something on his own. He ended up killing a man to help protect one of the Israelites. He was a murderer and in fear for his life, took off into the wilderness. In the back of his mind he knew he had blown it and God could never use him. But one day, God appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush. God told Moses He was going to use him to deliver Israel from Egypt. Moses couldn’t believe what he was hearing. God use him? He had plenty of excuses to give to God.

Who am I?

Moses was saying, God, I am no one special. Who am I that you could use me? I am an outcast and a murderer. But God had a great response. His response was, I will be with you. I can use you because I will go with you and basically, it wont be you doing it. It will be me. Many times we as Christians have the excuse that I am no one special. I have no talents or abilities. Who am I that God could use me? But God looks at you and says I can use you, because I will go with you! I will be with you no matter what! Moses did not like God’s answer and then asked, but who will I tell them sent me. God said tell them, I sent you! Many times those are also our excuses. People will ask who sent you or who is moving in your heart to do these things. But as Christinas our response can be God! God wants to use you and He has commanded us to get the gospel to the whole world!

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