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God Used a Man With Every Excuse Part 2

What if they don’t believe me!

Moses had another excuse. He said they won’t listen to me or believe me! What am I supposed to do. God again said, let me give you signs to show them. Let me prove that I am with you and that I will bring the people out of Egypt! We oftentimes think, God, I can’t go and share the gospel with someone. I can’t be used of you. No one will believe me! God looks at you though and says step out in faith and I will show people how I can and will work through you. Don’t use the excuse that people won’t believe you! If you are a Christian, God is with you and if He is moving you to do something for Him, He will prove Himself faithful not only to you, but to others around you!

I can’t speak

Moses’ last ditch effort was to tell God he couldn’t speak! I have a problem, God, so that is why you can’t use me! I love God’s response to Moses. Who made your mouth? Who made you the way you are? God did! God could and did overcome Moses’ speech problem and used him in a great way, but he thought because he had a problem, God couldn’t use him. Maybe you have a speech problem, a learning problem, a disability, a disease or some kind of issue and you think because of that, God cannot use you. Well, God is the one who made you the way you are. He created you and knows your issues and problems and He wants to use you despite the problems! He can and will overcome if you allow Him to!

So maybe you are like Moses and full of excuses of why God cannot use you. God looks at those excuses and says, I can overcome all of them! No matter your reason or excuse God has an answer! He can and will use you if you let Him! Why not just trust God, step out in faith and see how He is well able to overcome in your life?

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