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God Ued a Simple Shepherd Boy!

God used a simple shepherd boy!

David was just out watching the sheep. He was doing the job assigned to him wondering and thinking about how good God was. Then he was called and God chose him for Samuel to anoint as the next king. David, the youngest in his family, not a soldier, but a shepherd boy! But David was a young man with a heart for God and for following after God. What you see after David is anointed to be the next king is how humble he is. Instead of getting business cards and telling everyone he was the future king of Israel, he just went back to being a shepherd. He was just doing what God had for him to do at that time and trusting God to open the doors when He wanted him to be king. Then he humbly serves Saul and then obeys his dad and takes food to his brothers. That is when he steps out in faith to defeat Goliath. He knew he could defeat Goliath, not because he was anyone special, but because he served a big God! David was a humble, young man who just trusted and relied on God in his life. He willingly served and did all God had for him and never tried to get ahead of God in his life early on. He realized that God was leading him and had a specific plan for his life. Many times, I am sure, David wondered why God was taking him the way he was to make him king, but at the end of his life David says that God had made his way perfect. That all that had happened to him, was God directing him and making him the man of God he needed to be. We need men and women of God who will just humbly serve God with their lives. They will just trust God and follow God, step by step. They will serve wherever God puts them and just rely on God when things get difficult or tough. David was no one special, just a man who looked to and followed after God in his life. As Christians, we should be like David. Just following after God and trusting Him and as we do step out in faith we will see how God will direct our paths and make our way perfect. Also, we will see how God can use us as we just humbly follow Him!

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