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God Used a Lady with a Past

God used a lady with a past

Rahab was not the nicest lady in the world. She had a past and was known as Rahab the harlot. She had done many things she was not proud of, but she did realize something. The gods the people of Jericho worshipped were nothing compared to the God of these Israelites. She had heard the stories out of Egypt and all the awful things that happened there. She had seen how the Jordan river had stood still as the Israelites crossed it and now they were heading to Jericho. The spies came by her house and she knew that she could help them and she did. She hid them and then told them how to escape, but made them promise that they would save her when they came to fight against the city. She believed that their God was the only true God and He was the only one who could save her. That faith saved not only her life, but her family’s life. Although she had a past, Christ changed that! Not only did she become a part of Israel, but she is in the lineage of Christ! A woman once known as a wicked sinner, was used of God to bring about the lineage and line of Christ. God took this woman because she was willing to trust Him and used her in a great way. No matter what your past is, Christ can change that if you come to Him. No matter what has happened in your life, God just wants you to trust and rely on Him. If you do trust and rely on God, He can and will use you to do great things!

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