God Used a Murder!

God used a murder! 

Paul, who is also known as Saul, was a ruthless man before he was saved. He hunted down, imprisoned and killed Christians. He was zealous for a religion that was leading him straight to hell, but one day he was knocked on his back by God. God saw Paul as a man he could use. He even told Paul He had big plans for his life if he would just believe on Him and follow after Him. Shortly after coming to Christ, he is healed of his blindness and is told that he will take the gospel to the whole world. Paul, although he had a past and had messed up and done wrong, knew that in Christ he was a new creature. He was no longer a sinner, he was a saint. He also realized with the fact of Christ dying for his sin came a grave responsibility. He knew it was his job to fulfill the Great Commission. He took the Bible seriously and the commands of Christ seriously. When he heard the Great Commission, he did not think it was for others. He realized it was for him and that it was his job to get the gospel to the whole world. Paul did not let his past define him. He did not let his thorn in the flesh define him, rather he let Christ define who he was and what he could do. God took this man and used him in a great and might way. God can use you just like he used Paul. No matter your past, if you come to Christ, He will save you and transform you into a new creature. But even if you still have struggles or issues, God can and will overcome them if you just trust in and rely on Him. If you get the mindset of Paul that you are responsible to get the gospel to the whole world, no matter who you, are if you do it in faith, God can use you to see the world reached with the gospel!

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