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God Used a Scared Man

God used a scared man

Asa had just become the king of all Judah. Shortly after he became king, up came the king of Ethiopia with an army of 1 million! Asa’s army was outnumbered and outgunned and he was afraid. He knew he could not overcome the battle himself. He knew he only had one option which was to pray. He began to cry out to God and tell God that God could overcome with a few people or with a large army. He said the only way they were going to win the battle was in the name of the Lord. He then proclaimed that God would give them the victory and it would have to be God only to give him the victory. He then stepped out in faith with his army and guess what? God came through and gave him and all Israel the victory that day. Although Asa was scared and afraid, he knew he could run to God. Sadly, later in life, Asa forgot about running and trusting in God when he had another problem. Instead he ran to man to fix his problem and in doing so missed out on God giving him the victory. God then says that he is looking all around the world to show Himself strong to those that are just willing to trust Him!

God is looking around the world today and He wants to show Himself strong in your life! He wants to use you to reach your friends, family and neighbors, but He also wants to use you to get the gospel all around the world! You may be afraid or scared of doing that, but why not be like the young Asa and just run to God and trust. If not you will be like old Asa who did not trust God and missed out on what God had for him! Do not miss out on what God has for you just because you are scared or think you have everything figured out. Just trust in God and see how He is able to show Himself strong in your life! 

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