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God Used a Boy Who May Not Have Known Much but Was Willing

God used a boy who may not have known much but was willing

Samuel grew up serving God. His mother had promised him to God and from an early age he was serving in the Tabernacle. One night, he was laying in bed and heard someone calling his name and he ran to Eli. Eli told him he did not call him and to go back to bed. Again Samuel was laying in bed and he heard his voice being called and he ran back to Eli and Eli again told him to go back to bed. Again, he heard a voice and ran to Eli. This time Eli knew it had to be God and told Samuel to say, speak Lord for thy servant hears. Samuel went back, not knowing much, but willing to obey and God called for him again and he said speak Lord for your servant hears. God then told him what was going to happen to Eli and his sons. This was not the only time God appeared to Samuel, but it was the first. He did not know much at the time, but was just willing to be a humble servant. God then took this young man and turned him into a great prophet and judge. God used him mightily to lead Israel and to give them direction spiritually. You may not know much about God or know how He could use you, but God is just looking for someone to be like Samuel. To be a humble servant that asks the Lord to speak to him and to obey what God asks you to do. Today, God has called us to get the gospel to the world. He is looking for people to just give Him their lives and He will use them and overcome anything. I want to challenge you just to be willing to be a servant and follow God and God can and will use you just like He used Samuel!

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