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God Used a Boy With a Small Lunch

God used a boy with a small lunch

You are just about to sit down and eat your lunch. You have been waiting all day to eat and you have been listening to Jesus preaching. You open the lunch your mom packed you for the day and see two small fishes and 5, really what would be more like crackers than loaves of bread. Then you hear someone asking around if anyone has food. You see that it is one of Jesus’ disciples and you think about your lunch and how small it is. How would this help anyone, but you willingly offer it to the disciple. He runs to Jesus and tells him that there are five loaves and two small fishes, but how are they going to feed thousands. Jesus tells everyone to sit down and so you do. Then before you know it, Jesus prays and then starts passing bread and fish to everyone and everyone has more than enough to eat! After everyone has eaten, they take up the baskets and there are twelve of them! The disciples then take and carry them to your home where you tell your family how Jesus turned your lunch into a feast and this is what was left over from it! This is a familiar story in the Bible of the feeding of the 5000. This lad took what little he had and gave it to God and God took it and turned it into a mighty miracle. You may look and see that God is looking to use someone, but you see yourself as not having much to offer. You see yourself as the last person God could use. But why not be like the lad and just offer what you have to God. Give Him your life and see how He can take the little you have and use it to do impossible and big things! Then at the end look at how much is left over and how much more God could use you! We need to be like the lad with the lunch and just give what we have to God and let Him break it and use it for His glory!

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