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Paul’s Thoughts on the Great Commission: A Debt Owed

A debt owed: Romans 1:14

Romans 1:14 I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise. 

We really see Paul’s heart about the gospel and Great Commission in this verse. He is saying that no matter who you are, wealthy, wise, Greek, Barbarians, Jew or anyone else Paul had a debt to pay to you. That debt was not money, rather it was the gospel. Paul’s heart was that he owed the gospel to the whole world! Why would he have that mindset? Because he took the Great Commission personally. He realized that Christ died for him and completely changed his life and he owed it to the whole world to take the same message that changed his life to them! He had a debt to pay and did all that he could to pay that debt by sharing the gospel everywhere he went. We have the same debt to pay to the world today! The Great Commission is still a command we must obey and if that is the case then we are debtors to the whole world! We owe it to the people all over the world to declare the message of salvation to them all! We must stop being so wrapped up in ourselves and start looking at people all around the world! We have a glorious message to give them, yet instead of giving it, we hold on to it! It is time to change that! We need to have the same attitude as Paul did. I owe the gospel to the world, because Christ paid the price and we owe it all to Him! That means we owe it to the whole world to show them the love of Christ! Will you become debtor to the world as Paul did? Becoming debtor, means you will obey the Great Commission no matter the cost!

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