Paul’s Thoughts on the Great Commission: To the Regions Beyond

To the Regions Beyond— II Corinthians 10:16

II Corinthians 10:16 To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man’s line of things made ready to our hand

Paul had a desire to keep preaching the Gospel. He wanted to get to the regions beyond. He wanted to go where no one else had been before. Not just so he wouldn’t boast in another man’s work, but because he saw a great need all around the world. He realized there were more places he could go where work had not been done yet. Why? Because he took the Great Commission to heart and realized he had a responsibility to get the Gospel to the whole world. Paul looked and saw areas that were yet to be reached and he determined to do what he could to go there himself or get the Gospel to them. Today, we are so comfortable and think the world has been reached with the Gospel, but the truth is that we have barely even scratched the surface of the work needed! We must look to the region beyond. We must look and see there are people in cities and countries all over the world who have never heard the name of Christ and have never heard the Gospel. That should motivate us to go and take the Gospel to the regions beyond. Paul wanted the whole world reached with the Gospel and he would do all that he could to get to the regions beyond. Paul was wiling to go to unknown places because he knew Christ died for the people in those places as well. We should desire to get to the regions beyond. We should desire to get to places where people are not working and to places where people have not heard the Gospel! Will you give your life, like Paul did, to get the Gospel to the regions beyond? 

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