Men Who Mentored Me: Who Will I Mentor?

  Men Who Mentored Me: Who Will I Mentor? Over the past several weeks, I have written about men who spent time mentoring and pouring their lives into mine. I would […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Jeff Bush

  Men who mentored me: Jeff Bush Jeff Bush has been a big help and blessing to me since the first time a met him. I met him at an […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Mathew Kalmeta

  Men who mentored me: Mathew Kalmeta Mathew Kalmeta arrived in Virginia just about the same time that I did. He came to be the youth pastor at the church […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor Andrew Davis

  Men who mentored me: Pastor Andrew Davis I met Pastor Davis when I moved to Virginia. I was in the process of getting married but wanted to be involved […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Dustin Brown

Men who mentored me: Dustin Brown Dustin Brown is a man I consider a great friend but also a great mentor. Although basically the same age, when we met he […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor James Zenker

  Men who mentored me: Pastor James Zenker I had the privilege of spending a semester in college over in England. Bro. Zenker was the head of the British division […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor David Zempel

Pastor David Zempel Pastor Zempel became my pastor starting at the end of fourth grade. I didn’t get to know him well until I was getting into trouble in my […]