The Army: The Truth for Today

  The Army Wrap-up This is another parable. Stories find a great way of illustrating a point. You see 2,000 years ago, Christ gave us a command to take the […]

The Army: New Soldiers Needed!

  The Army Part 7 The King is soon returning and the battle has not been finished. The soldiers have been too preoccupied with building their kingdoms, instead of His […]

The Army: Setbacks

  The Army Part 6: Setbacks  The army began to grow and to once again move its base of operations. Once again, for a short time, soldiers were going out […]

The Army: Branching out!

The Army Part 5: Branching Out! The army had adjusted its location and position many times. Many of the areas where the army saw great victory at first, were now […]

The Army Part 4

  The Army Part 4 The battle for the world continued on, but with fewer and fewer soldiers going out to fight. Instead, they began to focus on building their […]

The Army Part 3

  The Army Part 3 At first, the King’s soldiers were leery about the new recruit. This man, just days before had been fighting against them, but now was on […]

The Army Part 2

The Army Part 2 As the soldiers went back, they were just a few days later met by the General. The one who would lead and guide them. The General […]

The Army Part 1

The Army A battle has been raging since the beginning of time. The King has a battle plan though and a purpose for his army. After spending time recruiting and […]

The Estate Conclusion

The Estate Conclusion They say a story is one of the best ways by which to get a point across. I hope you can understand what this short parable is […]

The Estate Part 7

  The master has returned from his journey. The servants were unaware he was even coming back and now he has returned. An announcement is sent out far and wide […]