Nothing Like a Challenge

Nothing like a challenge! I know as a young person and even still today I am always up for a good challenge. If someone would challenge me to do something […]

Why I Love Muslims (And You Should Too!)

  Why I love Muslims (And You Should Too!) I can already tell this title has drawn ire and questions from many. Many people would say how can you love […]

How to avoid becoming a missionary

  How to avoid becoming a missionary So are you afraid of becoming a missionary? Well, then you will enjoy this article. I have listed ten ways you can avoid […]

How to Get People Involved in Discipleship

  How to Get People Involved in Discipleship? So you want to start a discipleship program or maybe you already have, but now you want others to get involved. How […]

How to Start Discipleship?

  How to Start Discipleship? So you haven’t been involved in discipleship and are wondering how to get involved and how to start discipleship. Maybe your church doesn’t have a […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor David Zempel

Pastor David Zempel Pastor Zempel became my pastor starting at the end of fourth grade. I didn’t get to know him well until I was getting into trouble in my […]

What Discipleship Is

  What Discipleship IS For everyone (Matthew 28:19-20)— It is not just an add on course or program. Rather, it should be done with every person and individual. It is […]