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Men Who Mentored Me: Jason Tester


Men who mentored me: Jason Tester

Jason Tester became my youth pastor part of the way through my 7th grade year. This man took time with an annoying teenager and poured his life into mine. My junior high years were filled with me constantly in trouble at school for one thing or another. I usually was sitting up in the office in In-School-Suspension right beside his office. He would come out and see me and talk with me. Many times he would have me come into his office and pray with me and counsel me. As God worked in my life and I overcame these difficulties, he began to pour even more into my life. He would have me come work in his office and do things for the youth group. He would help me prepare messages and lessons. He was the first person who really taught me the ins and outs of preaching! He looked at a troublesome teenager and saw the potential I had through Christ and spent time working with me! He would always take time for me and talk with me about the biggest or smallest of things. We built a close friendship and relationship and because of the time he spent pouring his life into mine, it has helped me to become the man I am today. I am so thankful for his influence in my life and how God used him to direct and guide me as a teenager!

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