Paul’s Thoughts on the Great Commission

Paul’s Thoughts on the Great Commission Paul’s Thoughts on the Great Commission The Great Commission was a command given to us as Christians. Many today think it is outdated or […]

God Used an ADHD Introvert!

God Used an ADHD Introvert! God used an ADHD introvert!   One of the easiest years in school would have to be considered kindergarten. It is just the basics and […]

God Used a Poor Woman

God used a poor woman Ruth was from Moab and she had married a man from Israel. Sadly, after a short time her husband passed away and all that she […]

God Used a Boy With a Small Lunch

God used a boy with a small lunch You are just about to sit down and eat your lunch. You have been waiting all day to eat and you have […]

God Used a Slave Girl

God used a slave girl What would it be like to be far away from your home. Your parents are more than likely dead, but you have been captured and […]

God Used a Farmer!

God used a farmer! Elisha was out working in his family fields. He was plowing when all of a sudden Elijah came up to him and put his mantle on […]

God Used a Scared Man

God used a scared man Asa had just become the king of all Judah. Shortly after he became king, up came the king of Ethiopia with an army of 1 […]

God Used a Murder!

God used a murder!  Paul, who is also known as Saul, was a ruthless man before he was saved. He hunted down, imprisoned and killed Christians. He was zealous for […]

God Used a Loud Mouth!

God used a loud mouth! Peter was one of the inner circle of Jesus’ disciples. He went everywhere that Jesus went. He was also the one who spoke out the […]