God Used a Man Who Just Trusted Him!

God used a man who just trusted him! Caleb was one of the men picked to spy out the land of Canaan. They went in and spied out the land […]

God Used a Man with a Disability!

God used a man with a disability! Ehud may not be a well known judge, but he was a man God used. What is unique about Ehud was that he […]

God Used the Least!

God used the least! Gideon was the least in his father’s house. He was also a man scared of the Midianites. He was hiding, threshing wheat when God came to […]

God Used a Man With Every Excuse Part 2

What if they don’t believe me! Moses had another excuse. He said they won’t listen to me or believe me! What am I supposed to do. God again said, let […]

God used a man with family problems!

God used a man with family problems! Joseph was his father’s favorite son. He was given dreams by God and he dreamed big, but his brothers made fun of him. […]

God Used a Trickster

God Used a Trickster Jacob, a man whose name means supplanted. He was a trickster, thief and liar. He tricked his brother into selling his birthright to him for just […]

Can God Really Use Me?

Can God Really Use Me? This is a question most Christians have. They wonder could God really use them. They think they are nobodies. In their minds they have problems […]