It Starts at the Top

The Passcode to the Missionary Problem Part 2: It Starts at the Top! If there is to be a renewed missions zeal in our church, it should start with the […]

The Passcode to the Missionary Problem

  Andrew Murray penned The Key to the Missionary Problem, originally in 1902. As I read the book several times, I began to realize that his book still rings true […]

The Army: The Truth for Today

  The Army Wrap-up This is another parable. Stories find a great way of illustrating a point. You see 2,000 years ago, Christ gave us a command to take the […]

The Army: New Soldiers Needed!

  The Army Part 7 The King is soon returning and the battle has not been finished. The soldiers have been too preoccupied with building their kingdoms, instead of His […]