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Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor David Zempel

Pastor David Zempel

Pastor Zempel became my pastor starting at the end of fourth grade. I didn’t get to know him well until I was getting into trouble in my 6-8th grade years. I would be stationed outside his office and he would see me when I was serving an In-school suspension as well as the many times I would be pulled into his office because of the things that I had done. The one thing is even though I was not the greatest junior high student he saw potential in me. He believed in me and poured his life into me. After I got right with God and began to see God work in my life, Pastor Zempel would spend time talking with me and encouraging me in the Lord. While in college, he took interest in what was going on at college and allowed me to get involved in ministries when I was home from break! My senior year of college, I was able to stay at home and do modular classes. Pastor Zempel allowed me to basically intern at the church and get involved in many ministries. He would spend time talking with me and coaching me in areas that I needed to improve. Pastor Zempel saw a rag tag young man and saw potential in him when I didn’t even see potential in myself. He poured his life into mine and made an impact in my life. Maybe you are a pastor of a church reading this, what young person or teenager in your church could you take time to pour your life into? As a Christian, who are you pouring your life into?

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