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Men Who Mentored Me: Dustin Brown

Men who mentored me: Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown is a man I consider a great friend but also a great mentor. Although basically the same age, when we met he had more life and ministry experience than I did. We worked together in Pine Bluff, AR and saw God do some great things! Dustin and his wife took me under their wing and got shoulder to shoulder with me in the ministry and helped me to grow. He would help me with many of the activities and ministries I was involved in. Many late nights were had talking about missions, world evangelism, soul winning and discipleship. Dustin and his wife became almost like a second set of parents for me. Dustin took time to pour his life into mine and help me grow spiritually and in the ministry! It is exciting to see how he is now pouring his life into others as he purposes to plant a church. I look back at our time together and am thankful for all that he gave and poured into me. I am thankful still for our friendship and how he is still taking time to help me grow and pour his life into mine!

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