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Can I Be a Missionary?


Can I be a missionary?

So, can I be a missionary? Maybe you are asking yourself this question and you are wanting to know the answer. Let me ask you a question then I will give you an answer. First, are you a Christian and living a Christian life? If the answer is yes, then yes, you can be a missionary! But if you are thinking that there is no way everyone can be a missionary and take the Gospel to countries all around the world, I am not saying that.  I am saying that if you are saved and following after Christ you should seriously struggle with whether or not God wants you to be a missionary. Only 5% of the world lives in the United States, so there is a 95% chance that God may have you leave the comforts of the U.S. and go take the Gospel to a lost and dying world! It is time to get the focus off of us and back on Christ! He wants the world to be reached with the Gospel and we need people to go and take the Gospel to the ends of the world! So, maybe you are sitting there reading this and thinking, could I really be a missionary? Well, the answer is yes. God can call you to be a missionary and you should really struggle and think about becoming a missionary before you decide not to. Think long and hard and spend time praying, talking with missionaries and reading the Bible. After you have done all this and God still does not give you peace about being a missionary, then seek to serve God in the best way you can! So, the answer is yes, you can become a missionary. Next week we will look at how one goes about becoming a missionary! But I want you to know that if God can call someone like me to be a missionary, He can use you!