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Steps to Becoming a Missionary Part 1

Steps to becoming a missionary Part 1

So, you are interested in being a missionary. You are thinking and wondering, what are the steps I take to become a missionary? The first step is simple. You must be a Christian. In order to be a missionary, one must be a Christian! You must have put your faith and trust in what Christ did on the cross for your sins and believe that not only did He die for your sins but He rose again three days later! If you have done that, you have taken the first step!

The next step is also not a difficult step. It is to become a growing and mature Christian. If you are not growing in Christ as a Christian it will be really hard for you to become a missionary. You say well, how do I do this?

  1. Be in church every opportunity you get!— You should want to be in church and hear preaching! The preaching will help you to grow and God to work in and on you and help you to grow as a Christian. But just hearing preaching is not enough.
  2. Read your Bible daily!— You have to learn to read your Bible on a daily basis and feed yourself from the Word of God! Set up some sort of Bible reading program and read through your Bible! You need to read through your Bible many, many times! This will help you grow and mature as a Christian! This will also begin to prepare you to become a missionary, as on the mission field not only will you have to feed yourself spiritually, you will have to feed others by what you preach!
  3. Pray daily!— Start a daily prayer time! Spend time praying and asking God for things. Not just for yourself! Spend time praying for others and their needs! Spend time praising and thanking God! Ask God to help you grow as a Christian! A prayer life is vital in all Christians but even more vital for someone who wants to be a missionary.
  4. Get involved in your church!—Look for ways to get involved in your church. It could be a small task at first. Go to your pastor and ask him in what areas you can help. It may be just cleaning at first, but show you’re faithful in that and I am sure your pastor will find more for you to do! If you cannot be faithful in that which is least, how will you be faithful in bigger tasks like preaching, teaching and leading? Are you involved in soul winning and discipleship? If not, start! This is vital in the ministry of a missionary as you will be out sharing the gospel and discipling new believers! Start doing it now to get you prepared to be a missionary!

These few things are the first so called step in becoming a missionary! Are you interested in becoming a missionary? We would love to know. Leave a comment or send us a message. What do you think are some early steps to becoming a missionary. What do you think are the next steps one should take to be a missionary?