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From Misbehaving to Missionary Part 4


While in England,  I realized that I needed to find a place to work and get involved in ministry. My senior year of college I was able to get heavily involved in the church I grew up in but then God opened up the door for me to be a youth pastor in a church in Arkansas. I went and visited the church and saw two young people come to Christ while there and God really impressed upon my heart that it was where He wanted me to come and work for a few years. Missions was still my end goal but I knew this was going to be more training and learning that I desperately needed. Two months after graduation, I packed all my stuff up and moved to a place called Pine Bluff, AR. No one moves to Pine Bluff, AR on their own, the only way someone would want to move there is if God directed you! I was excited to get started and was still very green when it came to ministry. I did make many mistakes along the way but was very thankful for Pastor Shawn Cuthbertson and Pastor Dustin Brown for helping me to grow and encourage me along the way. God allowed us to see several young people trust Christ and also work with discipling several young men. I had the privilege for over two years to serve at Liberty Baptist Church and I am grateful for the opportunity that God gave me to learn and grow while at the church. One way that God helped to grow in me while in Arkansas was my passion and heart for world evangelism. Dustin Brown (who was associate pastor at the church) and myself would spend many nights and days talking about how we can reach the world with the Gospel! We would encourage each other in how we could accomplish the task of world evangelism! It is exciting to look back now and see how God has directed both our lives so that we can be involved in world evangelism! One thing I can say is true of the time I spent in Arkansas is that, once again, God was growing me and teaching me! He was guiding and directing my path just like in all the other stages of my life!

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