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From Misbehaving to Missionary Part 5

From misbehaving to missionary: Part 5

As I was working in Arkansas, I knew I wanted to be a missionary but was missing something. I needed a wife! To this point in my life I had resigned myself that I was never going to find one but was content with being single and where I was at the time. God was also working on my heart that I was coming up on being in Arkansas for two years and I had committed to two years. I felt He was directing me away but wasn’t sure where yet. I thought maybe more missions training or something but wasn’t sure. At this time, I sent a Facebook message to this girl on Facebook that I knew from college and was just curious how she had been doing. Well that message turned into us talking and communicating, then into liking one another and calling one another. She lived in Virginia and was a Christian school teacher. Before we started dating though, I let her know that God had called me to the mission field and that was what I was going to do with my life. She was excited about it and so we began dating. I went and visited her and her family and while there, I felt that if God would lead me, I would move to Virginia where she was living and get involved with the church there. God opened all the doors and a month after meeting her family, I moved to Virginia! It is amazing how God leads and directs His children! We were engaged about a month later and just two months later were married! We have been married for a little over three years now and I am so glad that God gave me a help meet and what a blessing Sarah has been in my life! While in Virginia, I became heavily involvedĀ  in the church and its ministries. I am thankful that God brought my wife into my life and I would challenge any of you out there who think there is no one out there for you, or that you will never get married; just trust God, be patient and let Him guide and direct your life!

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