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From Misbehaving to Missionary Part 6

From misbehaving to missionary part 6

Shortly after my wife and I were married our church had a missions conference. I was excited about it and was seeking God’s direction about what He wanted me to do and maybe even start deputation soon. During the missions conference, I was ready to get on a plane and just go to any field! I knew God wanted me to be a missionary and I believed He was giving us the green light! Little did I know though that God had an even bigger plan ahead for us than I thought! I thought I knew everything about missions and deputation but it was not at all true! I knew nothing! My wife was nervous because she thought I would just hop on a plane without any support and go to some crazy field! But God was working and directing all throughout this. My pastor at the time gave me advice to talk with missionaries I knew about starting and how deputation worked. I was looking to start deputation in January of 2015, but God again had bigger and better plans for me! One of the missionaries I contacted was Jake Taube. I had met him when I was in high school and he was raising support to go to the field. I contacted him while he was back in the states and he invited me to Vision Baptist Church for a missions weekend they were having. I was looking forward to going but my plans were just to talk to and get advice from missionaries. I was settled on what I wanted to do and when I wanted to start deputation! As I started talking to the Vision missionaries, I realized they had just as much passion about world evangelism as I did and they had received great training to help them on deputation and on the field. God began to work in my heart. I realized I needed more training and needed to come to the Our Generation Training Center to train and intern for a year. I did not want to do this because it would be another year before I could get down to Vision and then I had to spend a year there but God convicted me of not trusting His plan for my life! It amazes me how God knows what is best for us and has a plan for our lives, but so often we doubt Him and don’t trust Him and we want to tell God how our life should go! Trust God, His plan and timing in your life! He will not lead you wrong but rather, His way is perfect and He makes your way perfect!

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