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Missions through the Book of Acts Part 3: Gospel Communicated

Gospel Communicated—Acts 13:17-41; 16:31

We continue this week looking at Paul’s missionary methods through the book of Acts. We have already seen the workers commissioned, the audience contacted and this week we look at the Gospel communicated. Once Paul found his audience, he always communicated the Gospel to them. We see this in Acts 13:17-41 and Acts 16:31. Let’s look at exactly how he communicated the Gospel unto them.

  • He personalized it— He took them from where they were to where they could understand and receive Christ. He preached the Scriptures. He took them from where they were and took them through the Scriptures to Christ. As we work on the field, we must take people from where they are and get them to where they need to be, which is trusting in Christ as their Saviour! We must personalize it and share with people what Christ did for them and that they can have a relationship with Him. The reality is though, in most countries, you will be starting with a negative base on what people know. SO, you will have to teach them all the Bible stories, but always point them to Christ!
  • He preached the Scriptures— Paul went to the Scripture and the Bible that he knew and that the Jews should have known that day. He preached to them the Word of God. As we preach the Gospel, we must not just do it with cute stories, we must do it by preaching the Word of God to them and showing them the Gospel and the truth of Christ in the Bible!
  • He presented them with truth— He showed them the truth of the Scriptures. He showed them the truth of what Christ had done and who He was!. He presented them with the truth. We must present people with the truth. We cannot candy coat it. No, we must tell them that without Christ they will spend eternity in hell and that the only way to God and heaven is through Christ.
  • He pushed for a decision— He showed them that salvation was through Christ and Christ alone. He did not force them to make a decision. Rather he gave them an opportunity to respond. Every time we preach the Gospel we must give people the opportunity to respond. They need to hear the truth, allow Christ to work in their hearts and lives and respond to the truth! Every message you preach should push first for those that are not saved to make the decision to be saved and those that are saved you should push for them to decide to serve God more!

We see what Paul did when he communicated the Gospel. We can do all of these things and should be doing them, whether in the US or anywhere in the world! We must preach Christ and we must preach the Gospel! Souls are hanging the balance!

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