What Countries need Missionaries?


What countries need missionaries?

People look at a map and wonder “Which of these countries need missionaries the most?” People argue and debate over where missionaries should and shouldn’t go, but today I want to look at what countries really need missionaries. People would argue and say that Mexico, South America, Europe, and Africa have plenty of missionaries. But it is a very sad reality, they do not have enough missionaries! You see in Mexico city there are over 25 million people! If you had each church trying to reach 50,000 people then you would need 500 churches to do that!

That means we need lots of missionaries all over the world! It is not about what countries need missionaries it is about the great need of the Gospel to be preached, men to be trained and churches to be planted all around the world! The real need is to find missionaries that are willing to work hard, plant churches and train men! So instead of looking at a continent or country and saying it is reached because there are a couple of missionaries, step back and realize that just because there are a couple missionaries in a country does not mean that it is reached!

Now as we look at the world we should look at it as strategic areas! You look at China and India and you need hundreds of missionaries to go and plant churches and train men in these countries because of the sheer size of the countries. You then look at Muslim countries and see the lack of missionaries there and the need to send people there. But then you look at Europe and see the need there and South America and Africa and you see the need there! There is such a great need for missionaries all around the world!

We must see this need and realize that just because a few missionaries are going to a country or continent does not mean that it is reached. Rather, we need to pray for God to send even more laborers into these countries! We need to pray for men to be trained and churches to be planted and for every country to be reached with the Gospel! So, you ask me what countries I think need missionaries and I would tell you every single country around the world needs missionaries to go and take the Gospel to them!