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The Deputation Process: Some Basics before You Begin


The Deputation process: Some basics before you begin!

There are many things that make up deputation and things you will need to do and have before you start deputation, but today I wanted to cover some basic things before you start deputation.

  1. Make sure you have your field picked out and know where God is leading you. It would be very difficult to book meetings and raise support as a missionary if you do not know where God is leading you.
  2. Figure out who you will be sent out by. You want to use a board, clearinghouse, or local church. I am not going to argue for or against any of these here, but you need to have these settled before you start deputation. This is important because you will need a place that will handle the money that will be sent into you, as well as help with keeping track of all your finances.
  3. Be willing to work hard. Being in ministry is hard work and if you are lazy you will not cut it. You are going to have to work hard on deputation from making phones calls, to traveling, to singing, to preparing for the future. There is hard work involved. If you work hard, then God will reward your hard work and you will have meetings and get your support raised! If you are lazy, you are not only being a bad steward of the ministry God has given you, but also, you will struggle on deputation and make it take longer than it should! If you do not have a strong work ethic now, then work on it and become a hard worker!
  4. Make sure you have a daily walk with God now, but also make sure while on deputation you keep that walk with God. Spend time reading God’s Word and spend time praying to God. You will have times where you are very busy on deputation, but if you are disciplined and make it a priority, you will have a daily walk with God. This is vital to help you grow as a Christian and to help feed you as a Christian. Many times on deputation you are the one going to be preaching and teaching so you do not get preached too often and you need to get sustenance from the Word of God to help you in your Christian walk! Be faithful in your daily devotions and prayer time now and stay faithful in them while on deputation!

These are just some tips before you start and things that if God has called you to be a missionary you should be working on now! Over the next few weeks, I hope to cover some helpful tips and advice about deputation. I want to be a help to those looking to be a missionary or about to start deputation and help them get off on the right track. I am not an expert on these things but have seen God bless in our lives and help us while on deputation. Many of the things I write about, others have taught or told me and I want to pass that on to more people! If you are a missionary on deputation, I would love to hear your thoughts on these articles and even some advice you would give to those either considering being a missionary or about to start deputation. If you are considering being a missionary, we would love to hear from you too! We would love to hear your concerns and questions! Feel free to comment below or send us an email!