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The Deputation Process— My Meeting Got Cancelled! 


The Deputation Process— My meeting got cancelled! 

The dreaded feeling of getting that email or phone call from a pastor and hearing or seeing the words cancel meeting or reschedule meeting are never fun. But do not let something as small as a cancelled meeting ruin your day. This week we are going to look at what to do when your meeting gets cancelled: 

  1. Do not get mad or upset at the pastor or the church for cancelling you— It happens and there are many reasons it can happen, but do not get mad or upset at a pastor because he cancelled you. Look at it as an opportunity to go to another church that God wanted you to be in!
  2. Have a good attitude with the pastor who cancels you— Be kind to him and understanding. Try and see if he would be able to reschedule at a later date. If not, find out if you could call him back later on and reschedule with him. But remember, always be understanding and not rude or harsh to a pastor that cancels you.
  3. Have a good list of churches to call if you have a cancellation— If you schedule far enough a head you will have churches that ask you to call them if an earlier date opens up. Make sure to note this when you schedule them and start calling these pastors. Also, keep a list of churches who told you that if you had a cancellation to give them a call and they would try to have you in. 
  4. Get on the phone and start calling!— Instead of moping and being upset, get on the phone and try to fill the meeting! Call, call and keep calling until you can fill the open spot! You can get a meeting if you take the time and call and try to fill the meeting.
  5. Pray and ask God to fill your cancellation— Ask God to help you get another meeting! 
  6. Remember that God is in control— He is in control and He knows what He is doing in your life. Trust Him, but also make sure you are working hard to fill the meeting. Don’t just pray and not make calls or reach out to pastors and churches. Rather pray and then start calling!
  7. Worst case scenario, it happens right before you are to head to the church or you are unable to have a meeting, then have a good list of churches that would be good to drop in to. Get a list of churches you have been told or know are drop-in churches. If you have to drop in try to drop in on a smaller church. There is more of a chance of being able to at least speak and share your ministry in a smaller church than a larger one. But if you can help, try not to have to drop in!

Don’t get down when a cancellation happens. Look at it as God taking you to another church with a possibility of support! While on deputation, I have had several cancellations, but God has always allowed me to fill them! God is in control! Trust him and work hard and cancellations will not be a hurt or hindrance to you!