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The Deputation Process: Arriving to the Meeting


The Deputation Process: Arriving to the Meeting

So, we have the meeting scheduled and now the time comes for us to arrive at the meeting we scheduled. Over the next few weeks we are going to look, in depth, at the meeting and what goes on and what you should do while you are at each meeting. This week let’s look at what to do when arriving to the meeting.

  1. Plan to arrive early!— I would recommend planning to arrive an hour before the service you are to be in starts. This is two-fold. One, if there are any issues while going to the meeting, or you run into traffic, you have a buffer of time. Secondly, this gives you plenty of time to get there, get set up, find out what they need you to do, and talk with the pastor and the people. Make sure to arrive early. You do not want to arrive with only a few minutes before service, it is stressful on you and your family as well as the pastor and his church.
  2. Be dressed before you get there—Do not arrive in your traveling clothes, rather, arrive in the clothes you plan to wear to the service. This means that if you have a long trip and want to travel comfortably then make sure to stop somewhere before you get to the church to change!
  3. Men, be in your suit and tie when you walk in the door— Don’t wait to put on your tie when you get into the church, put it on either before you get to the church or right when you get there! This shows you are prepared and ready to go!
  4. Be willing to wait—Planning to arrive an hour early means sometimes you will have to wait for a little bit for anyone to show up. Be patient. Someone will eventually show up and let you in!
  5. Have prayer cards in your pockets!— You want to be able to hand these out to any one you meet as you are heading into the church. 
  6. Have a smile on your face and be excited—You are here to present your work to this church and to try to be a blessing to them. You get to serve God! Smile and be excited to be there no matter how big or small the church is!
  7. Try to find the pastor—Try to find where the pastor is when you first get there. You want to meet him and introduce yourself to him. Also you want to touch base with him about what he wants you to do. 
  8. Be confident—This may be your first meeting or your into the hundreds now, just remember to be confident. Not confident in yourself but confident in your Savior! You have scheduled the meeting, God gave you the meeting, you are here now- trust in Him and be confident!

These are just a few things to remember when arriving to your meetings. What are some things that you suggest for missionaries to do when they first arrive to their meeting? Next week we will look at what you should do before the service. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or questions!