Why So Few People Become Missionaries Part 7


Why So Few People Become Missionaries: Because We Live Inside a Vacuum

A major reason so few people give their lives to missions and become missionaries is that churches are inside of a vacuum. As in, they never hear about missions, the need to go or the command to go. This is because there is never any preaching on God’s desire for the whole world to be saved. We spend more time on how to make our individual people a better person or a better Christian, but never focus on what God focuses on.

Time and time again, all throughout the Bible, you see God’s heartbeat which is missions, and yet it is one of the least preached about subjects in most churches. We need to make missions and preaching on missions a priority in the church. We need people to hear about our command from God and God’s desire for the whole world to be saved. We need to put missions and missionaries in front of the church. As missions is preached on and brought in front of the church more and more, we will begin to see more people willing to give their lives to obey the command and the desire of God!

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