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Why So Few People Become Missionaries Part 10


Why So Few People Become Missionaries: We Consider Missions to be One of the Ministries of the Church

Today, church after church has made missions one of its ministries. They lump missionaries they support with soul winning and call it the missions program of the church! But we have missed the point! Missions is not a program a church runs or a ministry a church has. No, missions is the whole purpose and priority of the church!

Before Christ left, He gave us the Great Commission. He was commanding us to go take the gospel to the world and disciple them, so they, in turn, could go and take the gospel to  the world, as well. But instead of making missions the priority, we have made it of little importance and made it just a minor ministry of the church. Shame on us if a school, teaching, singing or other ministries in the church are more important than missions. This is sadly true in most churches today.

The truth is we need to stop making missions a ministry and go back to making missions our purpose and priority! Our churches should exist to reach, not only our community, but the whole world with the gospel! When we put missions in its proper place, the outflow of it will be people willing to give their lives to missions!

To help see the world reached with the gospel in this generation, check out the Center for World Evangelism!