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The Estate Part 5


By this time, many, many years had passed since the master had given the command to his servants. Most of the servants knew a little of the command, but never thought their master would return. Because of this, they had no urgency to go and obey the command or to do much work. The estate began to be overrun in certain areas. The area where the servants began to work, now had become an overgrown mess. But there was still an opportunity for fruit to be seen in those areas, just much work was going to be needed.

As the years passed, servants were still going to parts of the estate and working, but a renewed zeal for their local area came about. They focused more and more on refining their sowing and reaping methods and how to improve themselves, but continued to neglect the whole estate. But the master was coming back soon and most of the work had hardly been done. A few servants began to sound the message to go to the whole estate. Some servants laughed about the need of it. Some servants saw the need, but didn’t think they were qualified to go. Some more saw the need and said they would help provide the supplies for the servant to go. A few said they would go and work different parts of the estate. So as they went they found areas that with a little work, they could see much fruit.

As the report of new areas of the estate grew, more servants began to go to these areas. The command of the master was starting to be obeyed, and yet there were still neglected areas. These areas were the areas that were covered with rocks, trees or overgrowth. Although it would take time and labor, the ground underneath was fertile. As a small number of servants would go to these areas and work, they would get discouraged and many would come back or go to different parts of the estate that were easier to work. Even the servants that would go out, many would not be equipped properly to do the work needed. Some would go out, but not have enough supplies and provisions to work the area they were going to. Time and time again servants would go out for just a short period of time to end up back where they started because of lack of preparation and lack of supplies.

At this time the majority of the servants forgot there was even more of the estate to work. They only set their eyes to what was in front of them and began to forget about the command of their master. They were only interested in what they could see. Occasionally, a servant that was going out or had went out to another part of the estate would come by and urge them for help. Some of the servants would help with the little they could, but most did not change their mind to go. The estate was in a mess and somethings needed to change because the master was returning soon!

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