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Fighting a Giant is Not “Safety First!”

Fighting a giant is not “safety first!”

David is just obeying his father, taking food to his brothers and the army. When he arrives, he hears Goliath making threats and blaspheming the name of his God! Who will do anything about this? Who will go and get this giant to be quiet? No one would go. So, David set his own safety to the side and stepped out in faith, saying he would go and fight the giant. He went out trusting God, because he had seen God work before in his life. He put his agenda on hold to prove to Goliath, and the world, that there was a God in Israel. He stepped out when no one else would and God gave him the victory that day! Had David put his safety first, he would have never stepped out to face Goliath. Had he not trusted in God and put his own life at risk, God would not have gotten glory for his victory that day! In the world we live in,  too many Christians are too timid and afraid to step out and do something big for God. Why not step out in faith, believing God and look at how He has worked in your life in the past? Step out and put your safety to the side and bring glory to God. Step out, put your safety to the side and let the world know there is a God in heaven! 

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