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God Used a Farmer!

God used a farmer!

Elisha was out working in his family fields. He was plowing when all of a sudden Elijah came up to him and put his mantle on him. He was telling Elisha that he wanted him to follow him and become his disciple. Elisha stopped what he was doing and ran up to Elijah and told him he needed to let his parents know. Elijah thought he was going to turn away and not follow, but what Elisha was doing was showing to everyone that he was turning from his life as a farmer to follow after God. He then took his oxen and made BBQ for everyone and used the yokes and everything to make the fire and cook the food. He was showing he was committed to following God. Many of Elisha’s family probably thought he would never make it, but Elisha just kept following Elijah around and learning from the man of God, until the day Elijah was taken up. He kept following when everyone else told him not to and then Elijah asked him what he wanted, and he had the faith to ask for a double portion. He wanted to see God do more in and through him than God did in Elijah’s life. Then Elijah was taken up and Elisha went to prove that God was with him and did! God used Elisha in many mighty ways, but he first had to humble himself and turn from what he was doing to turn and serve God. God wants to use you, but what are you allowing to keep you from serving God? Why not be like Elisha and turn and leave what you are doing and start following after God! Get the training you need and see how God can use you just like He used Elisha!

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