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God Used a Slave Girl

God used a slave girl

What would it be like to be far away from your home. Your parents are more than likely dead, but you have been captured and taken away to Syria. You are then made to be servant to the head general of the Syrian army. Who knows what kind of things you have suffered and gone through before and during your capture, but now you are put in a house to serve. Most people would be angry and want to kill their master, but not so with the girl we look at today. This girl was from Israel and was captured, by Naaman the general of Syria to be his and his wife’s servant. But you see, Namaan had leprosy, but instead of letting the disease kill him the servant girl told her master’s wife about Elisha the prophet and how he could heal him. She decided that instead of getting revenge or even, she would show love to her master. Her name is never mentioned and yet because of what she did, the general of the Syrian army not only was physically healed, but turned to worshipping God instead of idols! She may have thought she was no one special and how could God use her while she was being taken away from home, but she just trusted God and God used her in a big way. No matter how hard your life has been or what awful things have happened to you, why not learn to love others and let God work in and through you. Why not just let go of your past and learn to serve and show the love of God! God can and will use you if you let Him. Don’t let what has happened to you keep you from serving God and showing the world the love of Christ!

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