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God Used a Poor Woman

God used a poor woman

Ruth was from Moab and she had married a man from Israel. Sadly, after a short time her husband passed away and all that she had left was her sister in law and mother in law. Her mother in law, Naomi, was going back to Israel. She told Ruth to stay, but Ruth saw something in Naomi and her family that she wanted. She saw the faith they had and heard of the one true God. She told Naomi that she would go with her and that she would make God her God. Going back to Israel meant going back as a poor widow woman. She couldn’t work so she would have to go and glean off what was missed by the harvesters. But her life changed when she wandered into Boaz’s field and began to find more and more food than she ever had before! She then found out he could save her and redeem her and marry her. Then she was married to Boaz. She went from being a poor, widow woman to a woman with a wonderful husband and a bright future. She was poor, but she did not let that keep her from being used of God. What is great is that because she left her false gods and followed the one true God, because she had faith enough to trust and rely on God for her life, God blessed her and she was put into the lineage of David and the lineage of Jesus! She did not let her being poor keep her from being used of God, she just trusted and relied on God and God blessed her. Do not let your financial status keep you from being used of God. Whether you are rich or poor, God can and will use you if you allow Him. But you must be willing to stop worrying about money and start trusting and relying on God and see how He can and will use you!

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