Nothing Like a Challenge

Nothing like a challenge!

I know as a young person and even still today I am always up for a good challenge. If someone would challenge me to do something more than likely I would try to do it. What about you? If someone was to challenge you to do something right now would you do it? Well over the next few weeks we want to lay before you a great challenge! These are not challenges necessarily from me personally, but from God and his word! The biggest challenge set before us today is to see the world reached with the gospel! God sent his Son to die for the whole world. He wants to see the world reached with the gospel and he has set a challenge before us to take the gsopel to the world. Really he commanded us to go, but if you look at the great need in the world it seems impossible. Well this should present to us as Christians a challenge! A challenge to see the impossible done! But the great news is we do not have to complete these challenges alone! Christ promised to be with us no matter where we go but he promised to go with us as we took the gospel to the world! I want to challenge you to step outside of your bubble and look at the need in the world! God is challenging you to give your life to him and serve him! Will you obey the Great Commission and take up the challenge of seeing the world reached with the gospel?

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