Weekly Update!

We are excited as we are able to start deputation now, full time! Sarah finished her last day of work on Friday! God has been good and has continued to help us get meetings for this year. We only have 14 openings left for the rest of this year! Continue to pray that we will be able to get our year fully booked and then be able to get 2017 fully booked.

  • This last week we had the privilege of presenting in three churches in South Georgia and they showed interest in partnering with us to get the truth to Turkey.
  • This week we will be at the OGTC Camp. Please pray God will work in young people’s hearts and lives and they will surrender their lives to missions.
  • On Saturday we will be heading to Arkansas for a 12 day trip. While in Arkansas we will be presenting at seven churches.
  • Continue to pray for God’s safety on the roads, and that we will be able to raise our support quickly!


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