Weekly Update

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends

We have had an exciting week on deputation in Arkansas! We had the privilege of being in a new church plant People’s Community Baptist Church in Pine Bluff, AR where my friend is the pastor. Please pray that God would use this church to reach the community that it is in with the gospel. It was enjoyable to sit and talk with my friend and see his vision for the future of the church. It makes me excited seeing new churches started and also excites me to know in just a few short years we will be starting churches over in Turkey! Here are some updates from this last week and this coming week:

  • We heard of two new supporters this week!
  • This last week we had the privilege of presenting in four churches in Arkansas! It was good to catch up with friends and families in the church I was a youth pastor at for two years and see how God is working in their lives.
  • My wife was able to lead a teenage girl to the Lord at the church we were in on Thursday.
  • This Wednesday we will be presenting in Pine Bluff, Ar.
  • On Sunday we will be back in Georgia presenting in two churches in north Georgia.
  • Continue to pray for God’s safety on the roads, and that we will be able to raise our support quickly!


Yours to Turkey,

Brady and Sarah Van Winkle


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