God Used a Slave Girl

God used a slave girl What would it be like to be far away from your home. Your parents are more than likely dead, but you have been captured and […]

God Used a Farmer!

God used a farmer! Elisha was out working in his family fields. He was plowing when all of a sudden Elijah came up to him and put his mantle on […]

God Used a Scared Man

God Used a Scared Man God used a scared man Asa had just become the king of all Judah. Shortly after he became king, up came the king of Ethiopia […]

God Used a Murder!

God used a murder!  Paul, who is also known as Saul, was a ruthless man before he was saved. He hunted down, imprisoned and killed Christians. He was zealous for […]

God Used a Loud Mouth!

God used a loud mouth! Peter was one of the inner circle of Jesus’ disciples. He went everywhere that Jesus went. He was also the one who spoke out the […]

God Used an Orphan!

God Used an Orphan!  Esther’s parents were gone. She found herself in a strange land, but her uncle took her in. She thought she would never be used or become […]

God Used a Lady with a Past

God used a lady with a past Rahab was not the nicest lady in the world. She had a past and was known as Rahab the harlot. She had done […]

God Ued a Simple Shepherd Boy!

God used a simple shepherd boy! David was just out watching the sheep. He was doing the job assigned to him wondering and thinking about how good God was. Then […]

God Used a Man Who Just Trusted Him!

God used a man who just trusted him! Caleb was one of the men picked to spy out the land of Canaan. They went in and spied out the land […]