A Challenge to Read the Bible

A Challenge to Read the Bible Over the next several weeks there will be many challenges given. I hope you take these challenges seriously and do them! We will look […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor David Zempel

Pastor David Zempel Pastor Zempel became my pastor starting at the end of fourth grade. I didn’t get to know him well until I was getting into trouble in my […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Don Nations

  Men who mentored me: Don Nations Don Nations was the principle at the Christian school I attended. I got to know him before we attended the school because he […]

Men Who Mentored Me: Jason Tester

  Men who mentored me: Jason Tester Jason Tester became my youth pastor part of the way through my 7th grade year. This man took time with an annoying teenager […]

Men who mentored me: Kevin Mock

  Men who mentored me: Kevin Mock Kevin Mock was, at first, my Junior High Sunday School teacher but he has become more than that now. He took an interest […]